Tuesday 13 April 2010

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Children's book author visits Harrow schools
The Harrow News, Tues. April 13, 2010
Page 6

Harrow Junior school was recently visited by Tim Beiser, author of the award nominated children's book, Bradley McGogg: The Very Fine Frog. Beiser spoke to students from both Harrow Junior and Harrow Senior School about his books and becoming an author.

by Heather Gignac

Students from harrow Junior and Senior Public Schools partook in some interactive storytelling when award nominated author, Tim Beiser, came for a visit on April 1.

Meeting with a range of students from grades one through four, Beiser took the classes through a reading of his award nominated new children's book, Bradley McGogg: A Very Fine Frog and then a dramatization of the popular Grim's Fairy Tale, The Frog Prince.

Bradley McGogg: A Very fine Frog is Beiser's first children's book. It tells the story of a frog who lives in a bog and finds his food pantry suddenly bare. Bradley Mcgogg must set out to meet his neighbours in the hopes that they will share some of their food with him, only to find that not all creatures eat alike.

"I think the children really enjoyed Mr. Beiser's visit," said Cathy Franklin, librarian for Harrow Junior School. "His book is very clever and creative, it's all written in rhyme and the kids really have a fun time reading it."

Bradley McGogg: A Very Fine Frog is nominated for an Ontario Library Association Forest of Reading Award in the Blue Spruce category. All nominated books are read by select groups of students throughout the province who then vote on their favourite for a winner.

"The awards are set in place to encourage children of all ages to read," said Franklin.

Harrow Junior Senior School students are partaking in this year's Forest of Reading program and will be voting on their favourite book in the blue Spruce category. There are nine other nominees along with Beiser's book.

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