Friday 20 August 2010

Word of Mouse Book Review

If I had to judge Bradley McGogg, the Very Fine Frog ...
Word of Mouse Book Reviews
August 20, 2010

... Now the story is great but the rhyming text is so fun to read and so different than any other book that it makes this worth the read and purchase. I can't imagine any child getting sick of this book or any parent for that matter.

Berman's illustrations match the fresh and unique text. Her depictions of the Brad McGogg the finicky frog in his sandals, jaunty bow tie and striped overalls are magnificent (who could not love a frog in sandals?!) I love the expressions that all the animals in the story have, especially Brad. I love their clothes and the animals' table settings and the fine food they prepare. This book is truly an exploration in epicurean delights that would please any aficionado!

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